In 2015, there were more than 18 million visitors in London, both local and foreign tourists. After you have visited the touristy destinations of this famous holiday destination, it’s about time to explore that most of the visitors have not yet discovered in and out of London.

Here are off-the-beaten-path destinations in the UK:


Little Venice

If you have not yet have been to Venice, Italy, this is the where you can get a similar experience on a boat ride via Regents Canal to Camden. For an hour-and-a-half, you can travel by boat and experience the city from a different angle, so to speak. By heading down to Paddington, you can reach this area. If you fancy, you can also take a riverboat ride to Kew and Hampton Court.


Crofton Roman Villa

The only villa that is open to the public and located in Greater London, Kent, this is the centre of a farming estate and inhabited from 140 to 400 AD. The villa was discovered in 1926 when construction for additional council offices was ongoing. Sprawled on 500 acres of land, the structure had undergone several renovations and is said to have at least10 rooms.


Kynance Cove

Located in Cornwall, this cove is located in the Lizard peninsula in the southern part of the UK. It takes about five hours to travel to Cornwall from London but this destination takes you away from the noisy city and to a reclusive place where life is on a slower pace and views include calming, crystal waters that come from the Atlantic Ocean. Also referred to as the Porth Keynan, which means ravine cove, you can experience spelunking in this beautiful place and after, rest your body while taking sips of coffee or hot chocolate from the only café in the area.


Photos by: Wikimedia

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