Backpacking in the UK is not as cheap as travelling for a week or two in Southeast Asian countries like Thailand and Indonesia. But if you have been in these exotic places and are now looking forward to a two-day backpacking escapade in the UK.

First, it’s important to know that going to Scotland between July and September means accommodations are often fully booked. Second, this does not mean it is impossible to be there in these months. By considering these tips, you can save on your next backpacking trip.

  1. Book Early.


Some backpackers have the practise of booking for just a few days and then just look for other places to say once in their destination. But this is not a wise move if you are headed to the UK during peak months. This is because during this time, even the cheapest hostels can be fully booked and those that remain available definitely demand high rates. Plan ahead and book your accommodation early. Perhaps you can also try couchsurfing and get to stay for free for a few days.

  1. Get Around Wisely.


While it is faster to travel to the UK by train, it is also more expensive. What you can do is to ride buses like the Megabus and CityLink. It is less expensive to take buses than ride trains. Also, for places where you can just save your quid by walking, just enjoy the sights and exercise. If you are backpacking with mates, there are also cars for hire that you can share payments on.

  1. Save on Food.


Instead of eating in restaurants every day, you can ask for local places where food is not that expensive. You can also do some grocery shopping and cook your food. Some hostels offer cooking facilities you can use. And since backpacking is all about adventure and discovering places, do not spend much on going to fancy restaurants and focus more on the destinations you intend to visit.


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