While being the smallest of Britain’s countries, Wales offers many big and wonderful reasons to visit. Among those you shouldn’t miss are its wildlife-watching destinations. So, if you’re looking forward to an adventure filled holiday, choose from any of these destinations.



The rich deep waters of Celtic Deep just a few miles off Pembrokeshire are home to whales, dolphins and porpoises. Every summer, tourists flock the area on a boat just to catch a glimpse of cetaceans. Hundreds of common and bottlenose dolphins can be sighted. Variety of whale species can also be spotted, including fin whale, sei whale and minkew whale. There are also orcas, rissos, and basking sharks.



Boasting beautiful coastline, varied beaches and historical towns, this island on the north-west coast to Wales offers a refreshing getaway for summer. Its Cors Goch National Nature Reserve features a diverse landscape of grassland, heathland, and wetland which is rich butterflies, dragonflies, reptiles and amphibians.


Coed Llandegla Forest

This mountain forest north of Wales is home to some of the rarest game bird species in the country, the black grouse. About 50 percent of the population of these game birds lives within one mile of Coed Llandegla. Guided walks through forest and to lek, where male black grouses assemble and engage in competitive displays to attack mates, are available during breeding season. The tour will give you the opportunity to see males display and mock charge at each other in order to win a mate.

Brecon Baecons Natural Park

Beautiful lakes and waterways that nourish plants and animals, rolling hills and verdant valleys, cheerful market towns and villages, medieval castles, rich woodlands and grasslands, and  spectacular gardens, Brecon Baecons is the place to go for picnic, wildlife camping, and nature walks. You’ll come across brown hares, otters, butterflies and crested newts.


Photos by: Patana RattananavathongGeraint RowlandFlorian Laguntzaile, and deveion acker

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